Waste Water Management

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Waste Water Management

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The experienced multi-disciplinary teams at DOCOL Construction provide tailored and turnkey engineering solutions, from pre-project feasibility studies and initial conceptual design, through to manufacture, installation, and commissioning.

Together with BioMicrobics Inc (United States), DOCOL engineered a complex wastewater processing system capable of handling over 100,000 liters per day of blackwater. 


Previously, the client was relying on wastewater vacuum trucks removing over 60,000 liters per day from septic tanks at the location, incurring high daily costs. Not only does the system save money, but it saves water and better respects the environment throughout the entire chain. The system was fabricated in the United States and engineered on-site by the DOCOL Construction Engineering Team.

Our team has done an excellent job fabricating and constructing the water system within the required period of time. With our septic experience, this project was done professionally and we also implemented the right technology for smooth project completion.