Shabelle Tower, Mogadishu

As Mogadishu, Somalia experienced a resurgence in security, opportunity, and stability since 2010, many diaspora individuals returned with investments in mind. Shabelle Properties recognized a growing demand for quality residential real estate within the city, catering to the rising expectations of these returnees. Their vision was not only to provide excellent homes but also to elevate the residential housing market by showcasing the feasibility and desirability of multi-story, high-quality residential properties in Mogadishu. To bring this vision to life, they sought the expertise of an accomplished builder, and DOCOL was chosen for the task. 


Shabelle Properties

End User:

Private Individuals, Residents




2016 to 2018

DOCOL Group undertook the full spectrum of responsibilities, from engineering design and construction to the eventual management of what became the tallest and most ambitious structure in the nation, soaring to over 15 stories. Shabelle Tower stands as a testament to both DOCOL’s expertise and the exciting potential of modern living in the heart of Mogadishu.

* We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real.

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