Life Support

Enhancing Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency

Our journey in life support services is rooted in a deep understanding of the importance of creating environments where people can thrive. Since our inception, Docol Group has become a name synonymous with quality, safety, and reliability, offering a broad spectrum of services that enhance daily life.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions that cover every aspect of life support, from waste management to catering, ensuring that all your needs are met.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence extends to every service we offer. We maintain the highest standards to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

Experienced Team

Our team comprises experts in various fields, from facility management to lawn care, with years of experience dedicated to improving daily life.

Tailoring plans using our capabilities

Facility Management

We take care of the facilities you rely on, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Trash Removal

We efficiently manage waste disposal, keeping environments clean and hygienic.

Septic Removal

Our septic removal services ensure the proper disposal of wastewater, maintaining health and safety standards.

Custodial/Security Services

Your safety and security are our top priorities, and our custodial and security services reflect that commitment.

Lawn Care

We create and maintain lush green spaces that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your surroundings.


We offer catering solutions that delight the palate, whether it's for a corporate event or daily sustenance.

Our Work In The Greenzone

One of our most significant endeavors is our project within Mogadishu International Airport. Here, we provide our extensive life support services to major NGOs, companies, and government buildings. Our services ensure that these vital institutions operate efficiently, securely, and with the utmost convenience.

From trash removal to custodial and security services, lawn care to catering, we have woven a comprehensive web of support that allows these organizations to focus on their core missions while we take care of the details.

Client results

Explore our success stories to see how we have helped businesses like yours overcome challenges and achieve tangible results.

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