Runway rehabilitation, Baidoa

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Project Name

Runway rehabilitation, Baidoa

Job Requirements


Over 200KMs of road and runway are under development or have been completed, making DOCOL the go-to construction partner in Somalia for horizontal projects that demand conformity and exceptional performance. Benefitting from modern and regionally unique plant and materials production capability.

Baidoa is the capital city of the Southwest State of Somalia, however the limited access to the inland city makes large-scale construction extremely difficult.

The road to the international airport is at high risk of terrorism, resulting in the need to position all materials, equipment, and personnel in Baidoa by air. This makes the runway critical to keep the city connected to the world, and so when the 2,000-meter runway needs repairing and improving, it forces a time-sensitive and complex scenario. After three failed attempts, the United Nations turned to DOCOL, and a positive outcome was achieved in a concise duration. The runway construction was made possible due to DOCOL’s local Asphalt batching plant, producing high-quality asphalt within 500 meters of the airport.