Our Values

DOCOL Cares for its staff and environment.
We help Somalia with fantastic services and donations.

DOCOL Group Values


We commit every day to make a difference in the missions of our partners, and one of the ways we do this is by calling on the creative thinkers from within our industry and company and developing innovations that transform the quality of the service delivered to our customers. Our seasoned teams of senior communications and administration coordination deliver reporting to customer needs, whilst tracking program performance and schedule our communication department operates 24 hours per day,365 days per year, enabling immediate awareness and support on demand for any live or historic program.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is uniform uncompromising quality, commitment to client satisfaction, and personal attention to relationships with stakeholders.


Docol will not compromise on quality. Our quality assurance procedures are comprehensive and fully enforced to relationships with stakeholders.

Project Completion

We provide you with all the assets and workforce and construction experts to make those ideas come to life.


Strive to be the trusted partner for total program support across Africa. Continue to learn, adapt, and grow, and attract and retain the brightest talent Our purpose is to leverage our awareness, resources, and exceptional customer service to ensure efficient and effective program and facility support.


To be the leading local firm in the south and central Somalia in the field of road infrastructure and construction. Docol will strive to offer excellent services by providing a high quality of work, applying the latest available technology for the construction, and seeking more joint ventures with international companies to have the opportunity to deliver in our assignments.

How we work

We provide the experience, resources and services relied on by large organizations to successfully deliver complicated programs and for the sustainment of critical operations in the toughest territories across Africa. DOCOL is a program and facility support company employing a 1,500-strong Africa-wide team. We deploy proven solutions and capable assets to overcome customers’ program challenges and to meet their needs across the continent. We invest heavily in to people, innovation, process, and infrastructure.

Our Partners

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Runway rehabilitation, Baidoa

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