Nickson Kiplagat


Expert Electrician at Docol Group

Nickson Kiplagat is a seasoned electrician with a passion for excellence in the field of electrical engineering. Joining Docol Group in [year], Nickson has become an invaluable member of our team, contributing his extensive knowledge and skills to various projects.

As an expert in electrical systems, Nickson specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining electrical components to ensure the seamless operation of our diverse projects. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to safety align perfectly with Docol Group’s standards for quality and reliability.

Nickson’s journey in the electrical industry has equipped him with the ability to troubleshoot and solve complex electrical issues efficiently. Whether it’s ensuring a construction site has a reliable power supply or managing intricate wiring in our projects, Nickson’s expertise plays a crucial role in our success.

Beyond his technical prowess, Nickson is known for his collaborative spirit and dedication to teamwork. He thrives in the dynamic and diverse work environment at Docol, contributing to the positive and innovative culture that defines our company.

Nickson Kiplagat represents the professionalism and skill that define Docol Group. His commitment to excellence and safety underscores our mission to deliver top-notch services in electrical engineering, contributing to the success of projects across Somalia and beyond.