Indunil Manchanayakage


Elevating Mechanical Excellence Since 2023

Introducing Indunil Manchanayakage, our adept mechanic hailing from the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka. Joining the Docol family in 2023, Indunil brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to our dynamic team.

As a skilled mechanic, Indunil specializes in maintaining and repairing a diverse range of machinery crucial to our construction projects. His meticulous approach ensures that every piece of equipment operates at peak efficiency, contributing to the success of our endeavors.

Indunil’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Docol’s values, emphasizing precision, reliability, and innovation. His technical prowess and dedication make him an integral part of our mission to deliver high-quality construction services.

At Docol, we welcome Indunil Manchanayakage to our international team, where his expertise contributes to the continued success and growth of our projects.