David Otieno Rege

Project Engineer

David Otieno Rege, our dedicated Project Engineer, plays a pivotal role in the successful execution of DOCOL’s projects. His expertise and commitment to excellence make him a driving force within our team. David currently leads a significant project, overseeing its progress and ensuring its success.

As a Project Engineer, David Otieno Rege brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of our operations. His meticulous planning, attention to detail, and technical proficiency have been instrumental in the seamless execution of various projects. David’s leadership is particularly evident in his current role, where he guides and coordinates the project’s various aspects to ensure it aligns with our high standards of quality and precision. His unwavering dedication to achieving project goals exemplifies DOCOL’s commitment to delivering outstanding results under his expert supervision. David Otieno Rege is a vital asset to our team, embodying the spirit of excellence that defines DOCOL’s approach to every endeavor.