Our new Hr Officer Ernalyn Barrios

In the ever-evolving landscape of the construction and infrastructure industry, human resources play a pivotal role in shaping the success of companies. At DOCOL Group, we understand the significance of having a dedicated HR team that not only ensures the well-being of our workforce but also fosters an environment of growth and inclusivity. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Ernalyn Barrios, our new HR Officer, whose unique journey and international experience make her a valuable addition to our team.

A Journey from the Philippines to Somalia

Ernalyn’s journey to DOCOL Group is one that spans continents and cultures. Hailing from the Philippines, she brings with her a wealth of HR expertise cultivated in diverse work environments. Her experience in the Philippines provided her with a strong foundation in HR management, but it was her decision to venture into international HR roles that truly set her apart.

A Proven Track Record in Somalia

One of the standout aspects of Ernalyn’s career is her time spent working in Somalia. Her previous assignments in this complex and dynamic environment equipped her with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with operating in the region. This experience in Somalia, a place where our company has a significant presence, made Ernalyn the perfect fit for DOCOL Group.

A Passion for People and Growth

Ernalyn’s approach to HR is characterized by a genuine passion for people and their professional development. She believes in creating an inclusive workplace where diversity is celebrated and where employees are given the tools and opportunities to thrive. Her commitment to nurturing talent aligns perfectly with DOCOL Group’s values of investing in our employees’ growth.

Ernalyn’s Impact on DOCOL Group

As our new HR Officer, Ernalyn Barrios is poised to make a substantial impact on our organization. Her international experience, adaptability, and dedication to our workforce’s well-being make her a vital asset. She is here to ensure that our team remains motivated, engaged, and equipped to take on the challenges of the construction industry with enthusiasm and determination.

In Ernalyn, we have found a passionate advocate for our employees and an expert in HR practices. Her presence reinforces our commitment to creating a workplace where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive, and where our team members are equipped with the support they need to excel. As DOCOL Group continues to grow and evolve, we’re excited to have Ernalyn Barrios on board, contributing to our journey of excellence in construction and infrastructure. Stay tuned for more updates as Ernalyn helps us build a stronger, more inclusive future at DOCOL Group. 

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