Makka Al-Mukarama, Mogadishu

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Project Name

Makka Al-Mukarama, Mogadishu

Job Requirements


Over 200KMs of road and runway are under development or have been completed, making DOCOL the go-to construction partner in Somalia for horizontal projects that demand conformity and exceptional performance. Benefitting from modern and regionally unique plant and materials production capability.

Maka Al-Mukarrama road is the main A-road running through Mogadishu, Somalia, connecting the various districts of the city.

Not only is the road home to tens of thousands of residents but is the hub for the major commerce presently in Somalia, with stores such as Samsung, Apple Authorized Resellers, and designer outlets for brands including Hugo Boss and Lacoste. DOCOL was responsible for construction of over 22KM of the road, a 4-lane asphalt A-road, with features such as culverts, minor bridges, storm water systems, and pedestrian paving.