DOCOL founder/chairman interview

DOCOL Founder Interview

Employment at DOCOL: We focus on equal opportunities & keeping a safe,
fulfilled team.

DOCOL is a rapidly growing program & support company employing more than 1500 staff
across 5 countries. We care deeply about delivering a high quality service to our clients, but
also providing a good experience & high prospects for our team of employees.
In 2007 DOCOL started slowly with 2 services; transportation and construction which proved
lucrative so from 2011-12 we expanded into multiple services. Founder Yusuf Hussein knew
that one man, or even a small team, cannot be high-level expert in such a broad range of
services so it was important to find talented & reliable people to support the rapid growth
of the company.

This success & the excellent quality of our work led to DOCOL obtaining contracts with big
organizations and companies such as The United Nations, US Army & Navy & internationally
recognized companies such as Eco & Fluor (For all our partners click here:

Nowadays we have done business upwards of $200,042.714,50; some of our work takes us to
dangerous warzones and we are targeting expansions into several more countries. So the
people in our team are very important to us. They have helped us build our success & will
carry us forward into our future goals too.

As a company, DOCOL places huge importance on HSE, training & developing people,
equal opportunities & leaving a legacy of employment for the future.
In a recent interview CEO Yusuf Hussein, who built the company with a dedication to uplifting
the lives of the community around it shared his views on why investing in the right staff is
so high on his list of priorities.

“We are hoping to establish creation for local, national and international jobs so we can
help high risk countries grow & flourish into a haven of prosperity. Everyday we focus on
creating new jobs for future generations. DOCOL is a ‘people over profit’ company where
we put opportunity and growing the community over maximizing our company.”

DOCOL also believes in empowering staff to positions of trust & responsibility. Training and
communication are of great importance when the team is so large, Yusuf explains;

“We have general managers and regional directors. We gave them full training and objectives so that
we can give them full authority. Since we are located in multiple countries, we rely on
technology for communications. So we are all connected and available 24/7 in case of
meetings and emergencies. I believe in them & trust their decisions.”

Working in a male-dominated industry is also a challenge DOCOL overcomes by striving hard
to be an equal opportunities employer, bucking industry trends by employing a high
the proportion of women across the company.

“We still live in a time where women get fewer opportunities than men but DOCOL has
managed to fill 30% of executive positions with talented women and we’re growing that
number all the time. Is it something that DOCOL always strives to accomplish by changing
the statue quote and provide equal opportunity to all.
we want to employ and empower women to have good positions because they are part of
life so why deny them opportunities? Intelligence, work ethic and success is not measured
by gender.”

States Yusuf, “So as long as you are a skilled and dedicated employee it does not
matter if you are a man or a woman.”

DOCOL is a company also striving for the highest level of safety for its employees, trusting
the company and feeling safe & taken care of at work is crucial for our team. CEO Yusuf
Hussein often says that if he could do any other job in the world it would be an HSE Security
officer as he believes in safety at the highest level.

If DOCOL sounds like a great team to be part of you’d be right. However, CEO Yusuf says
the standards for getting a job with the firm are high. His top advice for people looking to work
at DOCOL is? Be mindful of how you use social media to present yourself.

“We consider
social media is a great tool for hiring since we can attract both national and international staff.
We believe that how you represent yourself, your interpretation skills, and your past work
experience are key factors to how well you would get on in our company. We sometimes
look at your employment history based on the size of the company/organization that you have
worked in. In some cases we expect you to have experience of working in international
companies or organizations (i.e. HSE officers are recommended to have worked on an
American base since we deal with the US military/navy).”

DOCOL is always on the lookout for skilled and talented people to join our team, our
standards are high but any new employee can be sure they are joining a company with a
high priority on safety & career development.

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