Embassy of Italy

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Embassy of Italy

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DOCOL Construction offers Africa-wide architecture and design services. Applying the experience and expertise earned over the previous decade, DOCOL creates buildings, spaces, and infrastructure that shape communities.

DOCOL was approached by the client to design an Embassy and compound, to be shaped by the history of Italy in the host country. DOCOL used Italian landmarks, including the Lighthouse in Mogadishu, to inspire the structure, while taking advantage of the ocean views afforded to the property, and assuring the strictest safety infrastructure was factored in a harmonious fashion.

Our excellent architect’s team created a stunning design for the Italian Embassy in Mogadishu. We made sure to have their input into the design while suggesting new ideas. Our team made sure to include the exterior design value to measure the construction cost. 

Our project was done within the year, and the results were tremendous and encouraged us to take on more significant projects to increase the value of DOCOL.