Our Corporate Social responsibility

At DOCOL we follow clear guidelines to help our community and local staff. We provide competitive salaries and promote a clean solution for the environment.

We provide a notable positive impact on our team, environment, and community with our guidelines.

DOCOL is always committed to positively impacting the environment by minimizing our footprint. We make sure our team follows strict rules and regulations so that we can accomplish this.

We continuously innovate and promote sustainable practices and implement new techniques to minimize our footprints. We have fantastic quantity surveyors that implement our guidelines in new projects while ensuring projects are completed skillfully.

Our team’s voices are always heard, and we implement their ideas as equals. We believe that DOCOL’s success is having daily meetings and having their concerns and new ideas discussed and, upon success, implemented.

Our national team has excellent benefits by providing international training and or schooling. We have seen unique promotions and created opportunities for them to start their businesses. We also guarantee our local staff members will experience by having them work in different sectors.

Our Partners