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DOCOL GROUP Announcement

INTRODUCTION This risk mitigation and contingency plan outlines the protocols and guidelines to DOCOL Construction, Rehabilitation and Trading Ltd.’s directors, executives and managements of mitigation actions to minimize the risk to staff, customers, clients and business productivity. This is in line with the recent outbreak of Covid-19. The risk mitigation will follow the World Health Organization’s guidelines on how to avoid further spread of the virus. This seeks to maintain a balance between maintaining the health, safety and welfare of our stakeholders and business continuity. DOCOL Group will take sensible measures that will retain business continuity while making sure that the health of our staff, customers and stakeholders are protected. This strategy will be closely monitored, using a risk-based approach in response to the updated information from the Ministry of Health in Somalia and the World Health Organization. This plan will be revised and updated as and when there are significant new guidelines from the Ministry of Health in Somalia and the World Health Organization.

Ahmed Warsame

Ahmed Warsame


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