DOCOL's Critical Role in Expanding U.S. Army Installations in High-Risk Somalia

In 2016, a critical and time-sensitive task order was issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) under the LOGCAP IV contract vehicle. This task order was a response to the urgent need for the construction, expansion, and support of U.S. Army installations in Somalia, a region known for its high-risk operational environment. The DOD needed a reliable and single-source contractor capable of executing all task order requirements while adhering to the highest standards and regulations. 



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2016 to 2021

The scope of the project was extensive, encompassing not only the construction of these vital installations but also the supply and management of essential assets, meticulous logistics management, and comprehensive base operations and installation support services. The mission requirements were demanding, leaving no room for error or delay.

In the face of these challenges, DOCOL emerged as the most capable and trusted contractor for the job. Our proven track record of excellence, expertise in navigating complex and high-risk environments, and unwavering commitment to meeting mission objectives made us the natural choice. Consequently, DOCOL was awarded the subcontract scope, underscoring our dedication to supporting critical missions and providing top-tier services in even the most challenging circumstances. This project exemplified our ability to deliver excellence, reliability, and efficiency when it matters most.

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