DOCOL's Turnkey Containerized Housing Solution: Transforming Housing in Five Vital Locations across Somalia

In a bid to enhance existing housing facilities and establish new compounds in Somalia, our client sought a comprehensive solution that could accommodate over 400 personnel spread across five strategic locations: Kismayo, Baidoa, Johar, Beledweyne, and Dhobley. This ambitious undertaking required a turnkey approach to containerized housing, and DOCOL emerged as the ideal contractor for the job. 



End User:

United Nations




2020 to 2022

As the largest container housing builder in East Africa, with a unique presence in all five of the designated locations, DOCOL was the natural choice for this project. Our extensive experience, local expertise, and logistical capabilities set us apart. We took on the responsibility of designing, transporting (both internationally and domestically), financing, installing, and commissioning a total of 420 housing units, and we did so with remarkable success. Notably, we completed the project ahead of schedule, a testament to our efficiency and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

The success of this endeavor led to an expansion of DOCOL’s scope and a significant increase in the project’s scale. This project exemplified our ability to provide turnkey solutions that meet complex housing needs in challenging environments, reinforcing our reputation as a leader in containerized housing solutions.

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