Experience working with DOCOL and get a fantastic career foundation.
International experiences since we operate in multiple countries within many sectors.

We require an updated CV with trackable experiences. We do a detailed background test using your references and social media so we can select the top candidates. We also do an online interview, or if you’re located within our country of operation, we do a face-to-face. 

DOCOL is looking for a talented carpenter who can work in multiple sectors. The selection process is based on your experience and portfolio. 

We are looking for an experienced site engineer with a minimum of 5 years of experience. Position is in Baidoa Somalia for the road project.

We are looking for a well-organized administrator for our Mogadishu Office. If you are qualified, please apply online.

Work in our fantastic new kitchen and have a great work experience at DOCOL. We got the latest kitchen gadgets and a wide variety of produces.

We are seeking a reliable and talented driver and operator. We are experienced in handling trucks, bulldozers, excavators, and cranes. 

We are looking for an it expert that can setup and configure systems. We currently are setting up a new system and are urgently looking for now.

Prepraing Requirements

Prepare all your required documents and CV. We also need your medical record and vaccination card upon signing the job offer.

Apply Online

Apply online through our online job fields for a more accessible selection, and make sure you send us your latest cv with references.